Powerband Training Vs Free Weights

When it comes to exercising, both resistance band training and free weights help to produce a good fitness program. They offer flexibility and variety and can be used easily, something not possible when it comes to large weight equipment like weight machines. As working-out tools though, power bands and free weights have their own pros and cons.

Power Band Advantages

These bands are elastic strips, light in weight. They can be used alone or with accessories like handles or door attachments to provide a choice of exercises. Available both in latex and non-latex versions, it gives you the option to choose the one most suitable for you. Power bands are also cost effective, prices ranging from as low as $3 to $20.

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Free Weights Advantages

Free weights are any type of weight which is not attached to a machine. They offer a higher weight level during workouts, so the exercise intensity level is more. Depending on the weight you actually like, you can continue to increase your strength. So unlike power bands your strength is not limited to the amount of resistance produced.

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Power Bands Disadvantages

Power bands could at some time limit further improvements with regard to your strength. They have a resistance finite level. So if you would like to continue to increase your strength, just exercising with power bands will not take you far.

Free Weights Disadvantages

Free weights require a good amount of storage space. Items like barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and weight plates require adequate storage space. So unless you have such storage space available it would prove inconvenient to use free weights.

Free weights are also more costly than power bands. As your need for heavier free weights increases, so also will the cost. A third disadvantage is that unlike power bands, free weights are not easy to move around. They are heavy items and if you wish to continue exercising when away from home, using free weights would not be feasible.


Power bands were originally used only as a fitness exercise. Now they are also being used in rehabilitation facilities. Free weights and power bands have the following similarities: (1) they offer free range of motion; (2) they have similar properties (dumbbells and barbells in the case of free weights); (3) both have variable speed; and (4) both allow resistance.


When comparing band training vs. free weights, it could be argued that because of the light appearance of power bands, free weights offer better resistance equipment. However, if you compare the peak load and muscle activity gained with power bands to that gained by using free weights, you will find they have a similar resistance. The muscle fibres that get activated as also the resultant amount of force provided during power band exercises are the same as achieved when using free weights.

In conclusion when looking at powerband training vs. free weights, it can be seen that power bands not only offer similar benefits to free weights, they may also have benefits that are not available when using free weights.

Benefits of a Personal Training Certification

Have you ever wondered how to become a personal trainer and what are the benefits of personal training certification? Heightened awareness regarding the necessity of personal fitness has led to an explosive growth of the fitness industry. It has become very evident to the aware-client that for fitness regimens to achieve their goals, they must be implemented and supervised by properly-trained personnel. Accordingly, a number of EPTI Personal Trainer Courses leading to trainer certification have been developed to suit the requirements of those seeking employment in this sector or setting up their own fitness establishments.

The Necessity of Personal Training Certification

The fundamental necessity for a fitness trainer to get himself certified is to ensure that he possesses a certain level of competence in this subject and is qualified to impart physical fitness training to his clients. Attaining the certification is also a very good means of setting yourself apart from the rest who have entered the fitness training sector just because they themselves are physically fit or simply have been engaged previously in occupations that have a reputation of being physically challenging, like the army.

An Investment in Yourself

In a sector that has very low entry-barriers, getting yourself certified voluntarily is an indication of how committed you are to the industry and to improving your stature within it with acquisition of knowledge and skill. Getting yourself certified is a wonderful way of evaluating your own competence, and getting to know the latest in a rapidly-changing environment. Certifications are also an excellent way of demonstrating your proficiency in the latest fitness techniques for diverse fitness goals.

Increases Employability

Most people who approach trainers in gyms or boot camps are extremely aware of their fitness goals and personal limitations. It is only because they can appreciate the value-additions that a professional fitness trainer brings to the table that they make the necessary investment of their time and money. It is but natural for them to prefer being trained by a fitness trainer who has all the paper qualifications that are required to support his claim to competence.

Increases Earnings Potential

Whether you are seeking employment in the fitness industry or planning to establish your own gyms or boot camp, you will find that your earnings potential is vastly improved with your getting certified for fitness training. Employers as well as customers use this criterion as the first filter to shortlist a candidate. Since certifications also need to be kept valid by earning continuing education credits, it also assures your employer or your customer that you are sufficiently motivated to keep abreast of the latest developments in the fitness industry.

Increases Competence

Personal training courses that lead to fitness training certifications are all about teaching those wishing to enter the fitness training profession the correct techniques of achieving the fitness goals of their customers that range from losing weight, sculpting the body or building muscle. EPTI Personal Trainer Courses also impart knowledge about client screening, designing customised training solutions, nutrition and diet as well as motivational and psychological counselling. These are extremely valuable skill sets that go a long way in building a solid career in the fitness industry.

Plastic Surgery and Personal Training for a Complete Body Makeover

Everyone wishes they have the most perfect looking physique. The issue so many have to face is they are not sure how to go about actually achieving a desirable new look. There are two ways in which the body can be completely enhanced. One is plastic surgery with SFTV Cosmetic Surgeons and the other is through a rigorous exercise program. To get the most out of your exercising, you should work with a personal trainer.

Can you really mix personal training with plastic surgery? A common belief among many is you have to choose between one or the other when you hope to get in fantastic shape. The reality is it might be best to take the approach of doing both. A personal training regimen combined with plastic surgery can prove to be the best way to get the most desirable look possible.

First, it is necessary to accept the fact plastic surgery is not a means of weight loss. The traditional plastic surgery method of getting rid of excess fat is liposuction. Liposuction can only eliminate a maximum of 5lbs from a person’s frame. This is why it is best to get as much excess body fat eliminated via the traditional route: diet and exercise.

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Not everyone knows how to exercise properly and that is why signing on with a personal trainer can be such a smart move. Upon discussing your goals with a personal trainer, a long term exercise plan can be devised. For fat loss, the personal training program will likely consist of a lot of cardio work. Some weight training is going to be weaved into the mix as well.

In order to lose weight, metabolic rate has to be sped up. This is achieved by the aforementioned cardio work and weight training. Through consistently working out, you can boost your metabolism. Motivation can sometimes be lacking and a good personal trainer can aid in ensuring you stay motivated and lose weight. In a relatively short period of time, you might end up a lot leaner and more muscular.

The unfortunate problem some have to deal with is genetics. Shedding 20lbs can change the look of the boxy for the better, but there still might be uneven amounts of fat present. Maybe too much weight is lost in the stomach and not enough in the rear end or the chest. As a result, and uneven appearance results. This is where cosmetic surgery can be a huge help. To find the best cosmetic surgeons in Sydney, click here: http://www.sftv.com.au/plastic-surgery-sydney/

A plastic surgeon can help with attaining a more perfect physique. A potential patient for rhinoplasty in Sydney has to do little more than set up an initial consultation with the doctor to discuss the areas on the body that are lagging. The cosmetic surgeon then can determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate and, if so, recommend a procedure. Once the surgery is completely, a totally new look may be attained.

Once the surgery recovery time has sufficiently elapsed and the doctor gives the okay, sessions with the personal trainer can resume. Now that you have a new body, you must take steps to keep it.

Tips For Weight Loss & Body Transformation Programs

You are stringently following the meal plan created by your body transformation trainer and restricting your food options to only healthy groups like fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. But does this mean you can eat all you want? Definitely not! Healthy food groups are so called because they either aid in fat burning or don’t result in excessive accumulation of fat in the body. But even these highly nutritious food groups contain calories and having too much of them will definitely result in too much intake of calories.

Not Snacking at Timely Intervals 

It is absolutely important for you to snack on healthy food like nuts or protein bars at timely intervals. Doing this ensures a steady supply of energy to your body and prevents you from stuffing yourself with unhealthy food when you can no longer control your hunger pangs. And if you are participating in a 6 week body makeover program, you must snack at specific times as advised by your trainer. This way, you will be able to maintain a high metabolic rate that is so essential for continuing the process of fat burning throughout the day. body tranformation programs

Skipping your Workout Sessions Often

Skipping workout sessions at regular intervals is a dangerous habit. Yet most people do it regularly for a variety of reasons ranging from simple laziness to complicated injury. However, continuity is vital for the success of your weight loss plan. If you switch often between an active and inactive lifestyle, it becomes difficult for your body to assimilate all the benefits of exercise. You can’t expect to remain in good shape if you irregular and undisciplined.

Not Staying Adequately Hydrated 

Dehydration can severely affect the continuity of your training program if you are in a longer program like the 12 week body challenge. When you don’t take adequate quantity of fluids your body releases a type of hormone that increases your hunger pangs. Drinking water at specific intervals makes you feel fuller and avoid impulse snacking. Secondly, water helps to flush out toxins from your body through sweat and urine which makes you look leaner.